Previous Artists

Our previous artists have described shutdown as the best under 18s event in the UK! Here’s what they had to say…



“I always look forward to playing at Shutdown events… it’s always run professionally and the atmosphere is always 10/10. So far my favourite event I’ve performed at was Shutdown – Manchester.”

Charlie Sloth

“I’ve been playing at events for 20 years, and when it comes to U18s events, Shutdown has done something special, something epic. Shutdown… You shut it down, you did an incredible job, I’ll be back.”

Jay 1

“Litty night, big up Shutdown.”


“One of the best shows I’ve ever played!”

Tom Zanetti

“The best under 18s event! The production was in insane, the staff looked after us as though we was like stars, and the crowd were so amazing it was literally like being in a mini concert!”

Danny T

“Shutdown’s atmosphere is unrivalled, top quality sell out shows every time.”

Unknown T

“Amazing! Shutdown, complete Shutdown.”


“Shutdown always go the extra mile to put on for the fans. Always a good time.”


“Shutdown was a very high energy event, the audience was loving it and really responding to the music, very well put together event and the lighting was great 🙌🏾 I really enjoy playing at shutdown!”

Zie Zie

“Was live! Would defo do it again.”

Shaun Dean

“Quality decor & production. These guys really give it their all with events.”


“Shutdown are killing it, whether it’s the decoration, line up, sound system or the ravers that come – every show is always a shutdown, I’m buzzing to be apart of the family.”


“I can do 1 word, unforgettable, I swear bro it was such an amazing show.”

Mr Traumatik

“You smashed that event mate !! 10/10, best show I’ve done so far easily.”


“Top tier events, great crowds and awesome venues! What more can I say? I love playing their events every chance I get.”

AJ Jnr

“Shutdown is the ONE! If you ain’t at Shutdown, what you doin?”


“The wildest shows I’ve ever experienced, they all turn up frrrrrr.”


“Best experience, probably the best show I’ve done.”


“Shutdown is the place to be! The energy is crazy and the productions are absolutely next level, you won’t find anything like it for U18s. Any artist that gets to perform at Shutdown it will be the night of your life!”

Foor & Tyrone

“It’s called Shutdown for a reason, crowd is insane, incredible production & organisation of the event is very safe and great for the kids. Shutdown is one of the best parties in the UK.”


“Mad love for the night, such a good night you put on!“


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