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If you’re concerned for your child’s safety, take a look at what other parents thought about our events!


I was concerned at first about my son attending the Shutdown event in Wolverhampton, as I know what teenage lads are like! I was worried about their safety in regards to fights breaking out, but after finding out about the bag searches, heavy security presence and metal detectors I felt a lot better! After my son came home he had had a fantastic time, and told me how great the event was. I would 100% let him go again!
Deborah Jones, Wolverhampton
Lily had a brilliant time. As a parent I felt really reassured with the amount of safety measures I observed when dropping her off at the event… the sniffer dogs and the fact the kids rings were removed before entering the event proves how important the children’s safety is for you as a company.
Katie Canning, Sunderland
My daughter saw the advertisement for shutdown and straight away asked if she could go.. I don’t mind her doing anything at all but I was a bit skeptical at first. After doing some research on the Shutdown page on Instagram, I allowed my daughter to go as I found out about their security, no bad behaviour is allowed and you get searched thoroughly. My daughter has now been to two shows for the 14-17yr olds and she loves it. She’s currently waiting for the new ticket drop for the next event! I think it’s really well organised and she hasn’t had any problems. Considering you have to show ID to get in too also helps as I know she’s only around other kids within her age range. Thank you Shutdown for giving our teenagers something to looks forward to and enjoy all whilst being under 18.
Keighley Larkings, Sheffield


Alcohol will not be tolerated at our events. Breathalysers and bag searches are mandatory for entry to keep your child safe.


At first when my daughter said she wanted to go to an under 18s event, I thought straight away no chance! They will be sneaking drink in as teenagers do! But then I read Shutdown’s rules and entry procedures and was so relieved they check bags, they breathalyse, and also they have metal detectors so not only would they not be able to be drunk, the peace of mind that there would be no trouble fighting etc and no weapons being taken in, you see so many awful things in the news about knife crime these days. My daughter loved it and it was a great first time for her she can’t wait for the next one. Thank you Shutdown for running such a great event for under 18s.
Emma Botwright, Sunderland
Ryan wanted to go to the Shutdown event with some of his mates, and I was worried that they would drink alcohol and that they might get drunk! Of course I told him that if he did any of that he would be grounded for the foreseeable, but when he came back from the event he was absolutely fine, if not a little hyper from a good time! He said that they breathalysed people on the way in and searched bags for alcohol which made me feel a lot better. Would definitely let him attend again!
Gary Morrison, Manchester
I always let me daughter attend concerts with her friends, she normally goes with someone a little older than her so I know she is safe. But as this was an under 18 event similar to a concert I felt a lot more comfortable knowing that she would be around people similar to her. After reading the safety policy about alcohol I was more at ease with her going to the event as I knew there wouldn’t be drunk people around her, or any way she could drink too. She keeps asking when the next event happens if she can get tickets, and of course she can!
Andy Penforth, Sheffield


Your children will love our events, take a look at what other parents said…


It’s an absolute amazing experience for the youngens, my daughter cannot wait for next Manchester release date! It’s well controlled and a very safe protected environment, all the bags are searched etc, for any first time parents there definitely isn’t anything to worry about, they’re amazing at what they do! Keep it up and like I said my daughter is over excited for the next one.
Siobhan Steenson , Manchester
Hi we have just received the tickets in her email. Can I just say I’m absolutely amazed and happy how quick you have rectified our mistake. Thank you so much for all your help this morning you have been amazing.
Alison Murray, Manchester
Liam and Amelia went to one of the Shutdown events in Sunderland and they had VIP access (a treat for them passing their mock exams at school). They had an absolute ball! They were so excited to go, and even more excited when they came home and told me about all the people they met backstage and how there was so much confetti flying around. I think its a great way for kids to party safely rather than to walk around the park at night!
Linda Steele, Sunderland


Don’t worry, its normal! That’s why your child’s safety is our top priority!


If you’re still concerned about the safety of your child at our events, please take a look at the links below which will help you understand our procedures, safety measures and a little more about us. Alternatively please feel free to contact us if your query hasn’t been answered by one of our helpful links below.