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Concerned about your ticket and where to buy from? Check out the useful information below.

14-17. You will be required to show photo ID upon entry or have your parents/guardians filled in an age consent form online. Although this is unheard of for an U18s event, this is due to us wanting to continue to keep our events as safe as possible with the correct age groups attending.

From the link in our bio, shutdown-events.co.uk  or Fatsoma.com 

It will send to the email address you used to purchase the ticket, however we strongly  advise you to download the ‘Fatsoma’ app and log in where we can easily scan your tickets from there. Click here to download the Fatsoma app 

Don’t worry the name on the ticket doesn’t matter, we just need a clear barcode to scan.

Unfortunately there are no refunds as it states on our terms & conditions when purchasing a ticket.

We strongly advise not to purchase a second hand ticket from anyone, there has been many occasions where ticket holders have been scammed as they’re fake tickets or been sold to multiple people. ONLY BUY TICKETS FROM WWW.SHUTDOWN-EVENTS.CO.UK OR FATSOMA.COM AS NO REFUNDS SHALL BE GIVEN AND YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ENTRY.

Unfortunately this is no fault of Shutdown and we can’t be held responsible as this is out of our hands as these things can happen, and as our terms & conditions state no refunds shall be given as you aren’t purchasing a ticket to a headline arena show for that artist, but a ticket for a Shutdown show. We will always try to find a similar replacement where possible.

Download the Fatsoma app and log in with the incorrect email and your ticket will be on the app to scan.

The Events

Normally no later than 9:30pm – This allows time for public transport home and for parents & guardians to pick up.

Yes, the venue sell these at an additional cost between the price of £1 – £3.

We allow and welcome a festival friendly dress code, please just be mindful of the weather as you may be queuing in the cold.

No big bags allowed, only a bum bag the size of an A5 piece of paper, which will be searched thoroughly. Please see our bag size guidelines on our website to avoid being turned away.

The best ones go on our instagram, however we post them all on the Facebook page too.

Yes, however once you leave you will not be able to come back in.

Contact the venue as they should be able to advise if anything has been found.

No, we cannot allow you to bring your own food and drinks into the venues. However, drink will always be available, and most venues sell food too. If you are unsure, we recommend eating before arriving.

There will be a separate queue which will be visible or please ask a member of staff wearing a hi vis jacket.

That is completely up to you. Please be mindful of the weather status if queuing for a long time.

Normally 1 hour after the doors open.

In some venues yes, unfortunately not all venues provide a cloakroom at the shows.


They certainly are! With airport tight like security and with almost 10 years experience of running events, you can be sure you’re in good hands, please read our entry procedures and what parents have said about us and our previous shows.

Everything is banned for a reason or identified as a possible issue. We don’t have time to go into every single item sorry. These are the rules and are put in place to keep everyone safe.

Medical assistance is easily available on site and will be clear to see.

Your Own Food & Drink
Chewing Gum
Flares or Fireworks
Perfume, Deodorant, Body Sprays
Any Bag Over The Size Of An A5 Piece Of Paper
(Beanies / Bucket Hats Are OK)
Balaclava or Face Coverings
All Vapes

Please read our entry procedures on the website.

Yes, you will always have a monitored outdoor area dedicated for fresh air.

Unfortunately vapes are banned as per our banned items list which can be found on the website.

Yes, we have dedicated female security for searching females and males to search the males.


Information regarding accepted forms of ID.

– Passport – We can only accept a valid passport
that is in date as a valid form of ID. We advise you to upload your passport to the Yoti app to avoid the risk of losing your passport at the event.

– Student card – As long as the student card provides a photo, full name and date of birth we can accept this.

– Travel card – The same policy applies for this, the card needs to provide the full name, photo and date of birth. Some examples of travel cards we have seen before are the Mega Travel Card, B_line card and the Igo card. These are all valid forms of photo ID.

– Any ID the Yoti app will accept.

– Provisional.

– Easy ID – This is a secure digital ID that can be ordered from the post office in order to prove your identity and age.

– Citizens card.

– If you do not have access to a valid form of photo ID, we can accept an age consent form that must be filled in online by your parent or guardian. Please email info@shutdown-events.co.uk to have one sent to you.